Since its establishment SASCO undertook many projects for both the public and
private sectors, we list below lately accomplished projects:

Ebla Cham Golf Course:

The Ebla Cham Golf Course was the first of its kind in Syria, therefore SASCO was chosen to execute the necessary works.

The actual work was performed between 1999 and 2001, it included but was not limited to:

  • Installing & connecting the water wells by a hydro network.
  • Studying, preparing and laying out of a complete drainage system for the whole golf course.

  • Providing the required studies in cooperation with Rainbird company for the installation of the modern irrigation system.

  • Providing the detailed technical studies for the Ebla Golf Landscape Irrigation.

  • Executing & installing the irrigation system at the Ebla golf course.

General Sport Federation Projects:

As we believe in the important role of sports to our community, great attention was paid to the needs of the Syrian sporting establishments. Leading roles were taken by SASCO in securing professional services to this sector. Some of the stadiums that were serviced by SASCO are:

- Al Jalla'a football stadium.
- Al Faiha'a football stadium.


- Al Abbasyeen football stadium.
- Teshreen football stadium.
- Dara'a football stadium.
- Sweeda football stadium.
- Aleppo International stadium.


The scope of work in these projects included:
- The excavation of the old play ground foundations.
- Installing the proper drainage system.
- Adding the drainage media.
- Installing the advanced irrigation system.
- Adding the special soil mixture for planting.
- Leveling the playground by laser equipment.
- Rolling down, installing and planting the turf rolls.
- Full scale maintenance and services.



noted the growing need for a specialized high standard SOD farm, and therefore established one of the first farms in Syria. The farm has a total area of 25,000 square meters and is located in "Tafas" southern Syria. The farm is designated especially to the production of "High Quality Ready SOD Turf Rolls", for use in the residential landscaping as well as public facilities landscaping.


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