- Landscaping:

has provided outstanding landscape design, construction and grounds management services (including color management) to home and business owners.

SASCO's professionals have the skills and sensitivity to customize your landscape to reflect your lifestyle and enhance the value of your property.

SASCO employs landscape designers to help prepare landscape, irrigation, outdoor landscape, lighting and recreational plans. We listen to your needs and help bring your ideas to life. We have years of experience on all scales of projects from residential to commercial and public works. We specialize in designing and building, with the capabilities to see your project from an idea to the envy of the neighborhood.

Why to use a landscape designer ?

  • We can solve problems and design issues before construction.

  • You will be prepared with an accurate budget for construction.

  • Our plans provide a timeline to meet our client's needs.

  • We can expand on your own creative ideas.

- Irrigation:

SASCO is a provider of irrigation engineering services throughout Syria. Our staff of professional engineers, surveyors and technicians bring a broad background of education and experience to every project undertaken.

Our experience includes:

  • Sprinkler, drip and surface irrigation design.

  • Agricultural drainage system design.

  • Project feasibility investigation.

  • Evaluation of existing irrigation systems.

  • Pumping plant design.

  • Distribution systems.

  • Irrigation system automation.

  • Specification and bid preparation.

  • Construction management.

We can provide economical assistance with a single pumping unit or a large turnkey project. Where needed we can work with a project through the phases of reconnaissance investigations, establishing feasibility, design and construction. We consider our success to be based on a high code of engineering and business ethics reflected in our reputation which we believe is an important ingredient to our continued business success.

- Maintenance

No matter how great your landscaping looks when it's first created, proper maintenance will be needed to keep it from looking run-down. Proper maintenance is the best way to ensure you get full impact and value from your initial  landscaping investment.

SASCO Landscaping Services specializes in maintenance programs tailored to your needs. To keep your landscape's stunning appearance, we offer any combination of the following professional maintenance service contracts for residential as well as commercial properties.
- Mowing.
- Pruning.
- Fertilization.
- Weed / Insect Control.
- Installation of Annuals & perennial plants renewing.



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